A great summer – thank you to the staff

Although Roaring Run is open year-round, the end of October typically caps the end of the busy season (although the end of the “really busy season” is the day after Labor Day). We want to thank the resort staff for their hard work in keeping the grounds beautiful, in providing superior service to members, hosting really fun family activities all summer, and treating each member like family.

– Roaring Run members, November 13, 2014

roaring run campers enjoy a hayride

Roaring Run members enjoy a hayride around the resort.


A guest review of Roaring Run by a long-standing resort member

This week’s guest review of Roaring Run comes from Casey L., a retiree who lives in the Pittsburgh area.

What I love most about roaring run resort is its size and location. the beauty if the mountains, and its a few miles from where i live. we work too much, so it’s great to sit back and relax with a tall boy on the weekends in the summer. wish there was a lake, but the stream does just fine for me. i never learned to fly fish yet, but still want to before i get too old!

Overall, the management is good, the guys who sfix and maintain the property are great gnus. You have to pay an upfront membership fee, but it’s the price you pay to avoid the public campground fiascos. Public campground anywhere you go has turned downward since i was a kid. Sad.


Thanks to Casey for sending us his review. If you are a Roaring Run Resort member and you would like to send us a review, please do so! Enjoy your camping.

Tim Reviews Roaring Run

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Q&A with Tim

How long have you been members?

We have been members for seven years.

Do you camp in an RV or in a cabin?

We own a Winnebago RV 2010 model.

When was the last time you went to the resort?

We go about five times every summer; we just went last weekend.

What is your favorite part about Roaring run resort?

We like the swimming pool because we are “water dogs” and so are our grandchildren.

Do you have any complaints?

Some members drive too fast for the park and it stirs up dust so we would hope for better enforcement of the speed limit.

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Photo of the Day

Example of a personal camping site, fit for an RV hookup, at Roaring Run Resort

An RV site at Roaring Run

Jim and Rhonda Review Roaring Run Resort

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What are people saying about Roaring Run Resort?

We asked Jim and Rhonda, two members since 2010.

What can I say about Roaring Run Resort? It’s a nice campground. They have cabins (a few), hundreds of RV spots, a pool, an adult lodge, you name it. Most weekends, or maybe every weekend in the summer, there is about a half dozen activities going on. Like they’ll have a dance for the teens, one for the adults. Ice cream socials. Bingo night. Crafts for kids, etc. My wife likes the privacy and security of the campground. If you go to a place like KOA, every Tom Dick and Jane can come in if they have a few bucks in their wallet. Not at Roaring Run. There’s a guard at the gate and you have to show your membership.

New poll: How often do you camp at RR?

A final word

Thanks to Jim and Rhonda for sharing their experience with us. We leave today’s post with an awesome picture submitted by one of our staff:

roaring run campers enjoy a hayride

Roaring Run members enjoy a hayride around the resort.


Somerset couple share their Roaring Run experience

Today we have a Roaring Run Resort review from a married couple from Somerset, Pennsylvania.

This post is to share their thoughts on their experiences running womenswear they have told us that they go to the park about four times a summer usually for three or four days at a time. Read on for a candid review of Roaring Run Resort.

When did you join Roaring Run?

We joined the park in 2003.

Why did you join?

We have been camping all of our life. We don’t use an RV, we prefer to camp in tent. We heard good things about the Resort because we live just a few miles away. Some friends were members for years before, so we decided to check it out.

What was your first impression of the resort? 

We first noticed that the property is covered in trees and that many sites had good shade.

What would you tell a new member about Roaring Run?

We would suggest touring the resort before becoming a member, that way they can see for themselves get a feel for the people and the environment.

Are you members of any other resorts?

Well as I am sure that Roaring Run Resort members know if you are a member you get access to hundreds of parks around the country. We have definitely advantage of that in parks in Michigan, other places in Pennsylvania, the Carolinas etc.

Photo submitted by couple reviewing Roaring Run Resort

A game of Volleyball at the resort

3 Benefits To RV Camping Sponsored By Roaring Run Resort

A vide from our friends at the Roaring Run Resort Campers Association:

Watch this video and learn the 3 biggest benefits to RV camping. This video is sponsored by Roaring Run Resort, an RV camping resort located in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania.

As a thank you for watching our video, please enjoy a weekend of free camping in Pennsylvania, courtesy of Roaring Run Resort.

Visit http://www.RoaringRunResort.com and click on Free Camping!

Retirees who camp and bike review Roaring Run

Last updated: April 25, 2014

Thelma & Bill Lovell from Pittsburgh sent us their Roaring Run Resort review:

We are both retired. We spend our vacations camping and biking in Pennsylvania and Connecticut. We joined Roaring Run Resort in 2003. We just wanted to thank Marlene for all the help she has given us these past visits. She is the owner’s wife and if you haven’t met her yet, make a point of it. She personally comes to our site to say hello and see if we need anything. That is the most personal service I’ve seen at an RV park in a long time and we are grateful!

Thanks to Thelma and Bill.

Please send us your reviews!

Remember, summer is right around the corner!

Update: Check out Roaring Run Resort on Wikipedia! They have a new page now.