About Roaring Run Resort

What is Roaring Run Resort?

Roaring Run Resort is a membership RV park and campground serving RV owners and campers in the Laurel Highlands region of Pennsylvania (PA).

Roaring Run Resort provides RV & tent camping, cabins, activity lodges, fishing and swimming to RV owners and campers. It is located in Champion near Donegal, PA.

Roaring Run’s website is http://www.roaringrunresort.com.

What is Roaring Run Resort Reviews?

We have made this blog for the members of Roaring Run Resort in Champion, Pennsylvania.

We want to encourage open discussion of our experiences at the resort Make new friendships and have fun!

Please write your Roaring Run Resort review! Just go to the homepage, pick a post and write your review comment.


Last updated: April 26, 2014


3 thoughts on “About Roaring Run Resort

  1. been camping here for 8 years. its not for everyone. you have to like peace and quiet. they’re stricdt about the driving speed limit inside the park which i like.

  2. Enjoying our membership, very relaxing atmosphere with great amenities, friendly
    staff. Could not be happier. A lot to do in The Laurel Highlands area. I would recommend private membership camping to any serious camper. Also, saves you a bunch of money and takes away the reservation headache. We planned a trip across the country to take soon and have free camping set up at 6 different private Resorts of Distinction. What a life!

  3. Good gravel roads. Private club house for adults. big pool. There’s a cute guard shack when you come in, with a friendy old guy who checks you in

    you get no trouble from any fellow campers. people up here are nice folks

    it’s a good bargain if you camp a lot

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